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“We shape our tools, thereafter they shape us.” – John Culkin, Fordham University professor Think of cable television as a box. The box was built by ingenuity and … more
It’s a dark and cold morning in February and artist Joan Albaugh is heading out the door, flashlight in hand, for one of her daily predawn walks. The objective is to find inspiration for her … more
It is Wednesday evening in Tim Parsons’ living room, and the instrument of choice looks like a short-necked sort of mini-guitar, with four nylon strings. The ukulele is more associated with … more
The clock strikes ten on Saturday night. Longtime local band Buckle & Shake floods through The Gaslight’s back doors with a wave of gear. After making the rounds greeting staff and … more
Just days before the biggest show of his life, Brian Glowacki is surprisingly calm. But that’s the way he operates. Even backstage, moments before the show, he would not be much … more
Director Jay Craven stands behind the camera outside the Oldest House, surrounded by a professional film crew, New York actors, college students and island extras, alike. The set is 1770s Vermont. … more
She could see the rooftops of town, sloping down to the sparkling blue of the harbor, the sunlight slanting through the windows, the personal histories that people had left written on the window trim … more
It is a rather plain looking white vase. It would be hard to blame you, if you passed it by with only the slightest interest. When David Billings looks at the vase, it conjures stories of the Silk … more
She has three more novels to write, she says, and a half-dozen film and television projects which may or may not bring the stories from the pages of her books to the screen. She says 2024 sounds … more
To a casual observer, the hull of the old scallop boat looks like its best days were at least a decade ago. To Mike Allen it looks like a small piece of island history, of his own personal history, … more
Between rows of wooden molds, hickory staves and carved ivory, at the back of Susan and Karl Ottison’s lightship-basket workshop, the traditional craft of basket-making is alive and well. … more
The COVID-19 pandemic took the heart out of much of American life, and the idea of going to the movies was on that list. Things were simply not the same. “In many ways this dialogue … more
There was a time before the 24-hour news beast had yet to be born. The news of the day was found in a handful of major daily newspapers, or on one of three network channels broadcasting the nightly … more
“The Making of the President 1960” by Theodore White Campaign strategists had been around since well before the presidential race between John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon. … more
Former Inquirer and Mirror staff writer and newly-minted author Gabriella Burnham has just released her first novel, “It Is Wood, It Is Stone” with One World, an imprint of Penguin/Random … more
During a series of summer afternoons spent at the beach last year, I decided to read Graham Greene’s “The Comedians.” The 1966 novel is set in Haiti and features a British ex-pat … more
Heidi Weddendorf came to Nantucket in the summer of 1988 to escape the heat of South Carolina and manage the Erica Wilson boutique on Main Street. She had no intention of staying once autumn rolled … more
The gallery tells two stories: the gruesome, bloody one about hunting and dismembering sperm whales in the South Pacific for oil, and the less-dramatic one of sailors’ boredom on the three-year … more
It’s not the first place you’d expect to find a busy woodworking shop, this quiet dirt road a few hundred yards from the water in Shimmo. But tucked back amid the scrub brush is … more
Laura Gallagher Byrne knows that not all of the 30 children on stage at the Dreamland are there because they want to be professional actors. For some, the stage is a place to be with friends after … more
Dan Elias walked into the Winter Antiques Show at the Park Avenue Armory in Manhattan in January. He ran into a familiar face: Nantucket Historical Association executive director James Russell. … more
There’s something magical about sitting in the dark, in a movie theater, surrounded by strangers, watching a story unfold on the big screen in front of you, enveloped in Surround Sound, that … more
Jeff Ross is playing the guitar and singing before an audience at the brotherhood, or sandbar, or Millie’s, or some other place where the word “venue” no longer means what it once … more
Charley Walters wants me to listen to the guitar solo on “Eight Miles High,” by the Byrds. Then he wants me to listen to a Charlie Parker tune called “India” off his live … more
Installation artist M.J. Levy Dickson feels strongly about making art as accessible as possible. The idea is to strip away the pomp and circumstance of a museum or gallery, and create an open … more
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