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Winston Churchill said this about the classic summertime cocktail: “The gin and tonic has saved more Englishmen’s lives, and minds, than all the doctors in the Empire.” … more
Salad-making has long been my fondest culinary passion. Back in the 1980s when I was running my Que Sera Sarah specialty-food shop on the island, I’d go through at least a gallon of olive oil … more
There is an almost stunning difference between a salad you might make with off-season lettuce and tomatoes from someplace far away, and one made from local lettuces, radishes, spring onions and … more
Putting together a meat and cheese board can be a fun way to start a meal or the perfect midday meal of its own. With a couple of ingredients, some wine and a back yard, you’ll feel like you … more
Chef Gabriel Frasca Straight Wharf Restaurant is much like a ship. Walking through the dining room on a summer evening conjures the feeling of being on an austere ocean liner. People are … more
When it comes to dinner, we eat differently from how our parents and grandparents saw the evening meal. For them, dinner wasn’t really dinner unless there was meat, a starch and a vegetable, … more
What is mezcal? No, not mesclun, that’s a salad. And not mescaline, that’s a different thing all together. Mezcal won’t leave you stumbling through the desert in a hallucinogenic … more
Winter is coming, and as the days grow shorter and the nights get colder, the majority of the Northeast goes into hibernation mode. While there are still a number of local watering holes open for … more
Holidays on Nantucket are announced in a variety of ways. Decorations, indoors and out, will let you know what season’s being celebrated, whether it’s a pile of pumpkins placed casually … more
You can call it a pub, a tavern, a watering hole or your local dive. Pub culture is very important to a sense of place. It’s not just somewhere to have a drink, it’s a community, a bit of … more
Who doesn’t love lobster? Often thought of as a summer treat at a seaside resort, clambakes, lobster dinners and lobster rolls are all part of a vacation by the sea. But lobster is … more
Erin Zircher may have grown up in the Midwest, raised on chicken dinners, but she has created a following for her New england coastal cuisine at Cru. Now her fans have the opportunity to … more
Tucked up in a crow’s nest-like office above triple eight’s distilling operation, surrounded by books on distilling and bottles of whiskey, bryan Jennings is doing some math. before he … more
Vintners will tell you that anybody can make a good wine from excellent grapes, but the true mark of a wine-maker is a good bottle of wine from a less than excellent vintage. you might not think … more
Nantucket’s connection to tea goes way back to the Colonial days. It’s an historical link as well as a cultural one. Main Street is bookended by two brick buildings named after … more
My nana infused in me a love of baking. Her kitchen was warm and inviting and equipped with everything a serious baker needed back in the 1950s: a large keddigan always filled with flour, well-worn … more
July is blueberry-picking season on Nantucket, and with all the rains we have had leading up to summer, the forecast is for a plentiful harvest. Nantucket’s sandy soils provide … more
Nantucket is one of the most enviable spots in the world: a justabout-perfect little island surrounded by the temperate waters of the Gulf Stream in what should be a goldmine for seafood. But … more
A new book, published late last year, may help novices demystify the process of choosing wine when dining out, and pairing it with food at home. “Drink Progressively,” by Hadley … more
Three stories with giving at their center make an annual appearance in our house over the long holiday season: Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” O. Henry’s “The Gift … more
At first glance, the white building at the edge of Brant Point looks like any other harborfront structure. But inside, more than 50 million new lives are brewing. For shellfish biologist … more
When I called Marine Home Center looking for citric acid the other day, the voice on the other end of the line was kind, but firm. “We do carry it,” she said, but added with … more
I have a moderate to severe fear of grilling, or at the very least a post-traumatic wariness. At my first cooking job after college, I began as most young cooks do, on the hot and cold appetizer … more
Nantucket’s two remaining cranberry bogs are monuments to the island’s agricultural past, tangible evidence of another time that have remained largely unchanged since before the Civil … more
When making wine, it all boils down to the experience of the consumer for California winemaker Jed Steele. “You never can forget the end-user. Some winemakers make wine for … more
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