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All vegetables are not created equal. As a gardener and vegetable grower, I encounter this truth constantly. A back-yard tomato grown in compost and ripened in the sun is a different thing altogether … more
Every year I have grand plans for my garden. I buy seeds, research planting times, I even think about what I will do with the bounty I imagine I will soon be harvesting. Then summer goes into high … more
Much to the ire of bartenders across the island, mocktails have become more popular than ever. While I understand the importance of having non-alcoholic options for diners, the main issue is that not … more
Ceviche for me is a quintessential summertime dish. In June I was lucky enough to end up on a fishing charter with a bunch of chefs. We spent the morning catching striped bass and blues on a … more
On a dirt road behind the Cisco Brewery is a big barn full of barrels of whiskey. Tucked back in the corner, in a small converted refrigerator, Randy Hudson has two venison hams curing. The night … more
There is nothing new about oysters growing in Nantucket Harbor. Wild oysters along with other local shellfish were an important part of the diet of the indigenous Wampanoag Indians. Issues of The … more
The Aperol spritz is everywhere this summer. It is a perfect summertime drink. It’s light and refreshing, and more importantly it is low in alcohol, making it a great drink to have at brunch … more
Hidden away in the French Alps, Carthusian monks have been distilling Chartreuse since 1605. It isn’t much of a surprise, since it seems monks around the world have been distilling and brewing … more
There’s a casual dining culture that’s been growing around the food trucks parked at Cisco Brewers and Cisco Beach for the past decade, that is unlike the culture you’ll find at any … more
All Kovalencik often stops along the trail by a plant that appears to be nothing more than a weed, wondering how he can incorporate it into his lunch. Kovalencik has been foraging longer than … more
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